Charlotte's Best Butter Croissant (Charlotte Agenda) '15

 Charlotte's Best Pastry Shop (Creative Loafing) '16

Charlotte's Best Croissant (Charlotte Magazine BOB) '17

Charlotte's Best Pastry Shop (Elevate Lifestyle) '17

Editor's Choice Awards Winner (Wedding Rule) '21






COVID-19 policies and practices

  • All employees wear masks

  • All customers requested to wear masks when entering premises. However, unless fully vaccinated, customers may not have to wear a mask. 

  • Regular cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces throughout the day

  • Certificate of Complete Sanitizing and Disinfectant from Orkin

  • Reinforcement of all regular hand-washing requirements

  • Social distancing in all lines and queues, and in kitchen and front counter work areas. Marking on the floor have been placed to designate 6’ spacing. 

  • Table spacing to accommodate 6’ minimum distancing

  • Signage regarding no entry is symptomatic or after testing positive for COVID-19

  • Hand Sanitizer and alcohol wipes available throughout the bakery


About Us

Founded in 2013, Renaissance Patisserie is Charlotte’s award-winning premier destination for authentic and traditional French pastries, viennoiserie, breads, and bistro café fare. 


Under the artistic vision of classically-trained French chef Sylvain Rivet, Renaissance has grown from a humble farmers market stand to a brick and mortar outpost of French cuisine. Chef Rivet has worked worldwide, including Morroco, Switzerland, Tokyo, Haiti, Mexico, the Maldives, and many more. 


Tucked away in Charlotte’s chic Specialty Shops SouthPark, SSSP, we serve everything from mouth-watering sandwiches to award-winning croissants. We offer an intriguing variety of wine and champagne, as well as international and domestic beer. 


You can also contact us in regards to custom-designed cakes for your celebration needs. We also offer soups, stews, and family-portioned takeaway meals. There is indoor and outdoor seating for all, with exterior patio heaters. 

Bienvenue à tous!


TV appearances


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